Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Encouraging HCCC

August's HCCC was a great one. Unfortunately, August was a crazy busy month and time was not on my side.

Fortunately, I made a card a few weeks ago which I think fits the two-part challenge.

1) I made this card for my friend:

And I think it totally fits in with part #2 of the challenge - it encourages the recipient, and hopefully bolsters their confidence when they are feeling tired, frustrated or just blah. Basically it encourages them to grow in their self-confidence.

I love the orange slice stamp, and using it to create the scalloped edge at the bottom of the card.

When I finished the card, I felt it was missing that little something. Then, I added the three rhinestones, and VOILA! the card was complete.

Hope you enjoyed August's Hazzard County Card Challenge as much as I did. We'll see you in September :)


Angela said...

I totally agree.
I think that the recipient will constantly be encouraged every time she looks at it sitting on her windowsill. She will smile, feel refreshed and be much more cheerful than she was prior to viewing it.
It is the perfect card for this challenge, and for the recipient.
But that's must my opinion ;)

Angela said...

I mean 'just' my opinion...

Angela said...