Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's About time

I've been making cards over the past few months, but have been falling seriously behind in posting them, so in the first of many new posts here's a look at a baby shower invite that I made for my cousin Lindsay's first-born:

The shower was in July, but it was winter-themed 'cause that is Lindsay's favourite season (and mine too).  I love the white/silver/blue ice-y colour scheme.  Thanks for visiting.  :)


Angela said...

Love that the card is for a baby shower but isn't all cutesy. I need to think outside of the box a little more - you're so good at that! Also love the sparkles on the snowflakes, adds such a nice touch. Did it take a long time to do that on all the cards? When I mass produce, I always hesitate to add extra frills...but this looks so, so pretty! Love it and love that you posted again!

michib said...

Finally!!! I was waiting and waiting for a new post :)
Beautiful card! and great way to use winter/christmas product all year around.