Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shower Time!

Last weekend we had a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law.  They welcomed their first child (a boy) back in February.  It was great to get together with the whole family and celebrate his birth.

It was my pleasure to make the invites for the shower.  I wanted the invites to be special and was inspired by this card.  Here's a look at the finished product:

Love the colour combo - how the yellow pops on the blue.  It was fun putting these invites together, but I will think twice before I have to punch that many round corners.... :P

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Angela said...

These turned out awesome, Marn! I love the colour combo - you're right the yellow just makes it all pop. And I checked out your 'inspiration card' and, while it was obviously good for inspiration, you totally killed it! Love, love, love your version a million times over. And bless you for punching all those corners. Your fam has no idea of the full extent of your awesomeness and sacrifice for them! I'm totally contracting you to make all our baby announcements ;)