Sunday, November 06, 2011

Neutral Wonder

I managed to whip up 10 Christmas Cards this weekend(!), and I will be posting them soon.  Before I do though, I wanted to share with you a card that I made for my Sister-in-Law's birthday this summer.

It was meant to be quick and simple, but ended up taking me 2 nights to complete.  I think the effort was worth it in the end:

It is a one-layer stamped card.  You can't really see it, but each of the flowers have sparkles in their centres that shimmer in the sunlight.


Angela said...

Marn, you're the master! Are those 2-step stamping flowers? They turned out awesome - and I would've NEVER thought of doing a neutral coloured flower card. I looks SO good!! Can't wait to see your Christmas cards :)

Marnie - Queen of the Marniverse said...

Yes, it is 2-step stamping. The grey with the white flowers was just going to be my background piece, but in the end it took so long to just get this part completed that there was no way I was going to leave it as background and cover it up. :)

michib said...

Beautiful card Marnie! great work!!