Monday, July 18, 2011

Gallery Idol 2011

This year I decided to throw my hat in the ring for the Gallery Idol 2011 competition. The 'open audition' round stipulated that we had to create an original congratulation card.

I never thought that I stood a chance, but thought it would be fun to play along. Here's a look at my submission for the competition:

Love the colour combo, love the layout, love the stars.

Even though I wasn't selected as one of the finalists, I am happy with the finished product.


michib said...

I love the colours too!! Awesome that you entered - so did I, but like you failed to make the first cut ~ next year we'll both rock it!

Angela said...

Waaaaahhhooooo!!! Love this card! And I agree - the layout, the colours, the stars - pure awesomeness!! Also awesome that you took a shot at Gallery Idol...because, you know, you are already my idol :)

Angela said...

Also, can I just say that this is such a unique card. I've never seen another card utilize a single stamp set in so many ways and the layout really is amazing. Kudos!