Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Challenge

Several weeks ago it was Mother's Day and over on the HCCC blog we were challenged to create a Mother's Day card inspired by gladiolas. Such a pretty flower.... and my mother's favourite! What could be better? She'll love it for sure, right?

Totally.... I'm sure she would.... if I had remembered to create such a card when I actually sat down to make my Mother's Day card. Instead I ended up making a card from a kit. Boo-urns. :(

I couldn't live with the guilt, and so I sat down on Mother's Day-eve and set to work on the challenge. Here's the end result:

Not too bad for a last-minute effort, eh? Plus, I finally used my vintage ledger stamp from Unity Stamp Co. that I was fortunate enough to win last year (I can't believe it took me this long to ink it up). I sponged a little ink around the egdes, and Voila! - a pretty little card.


michib said...

Beautiful Card Marnie :) Amazing job on the cutting of the flowers - is that a stamp set? I'll admit too, that I had already sent off my Mother's Day card/gift, but wanted to take the challenge anyway.

Angela said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love the bright, happy colours. And I can't believe you pieced those tiny little buds - you are a saint (except if you cursed while you were cutting them, did you?)Also, I love the ledger stamp in the background - the perfect detail behind the flowers without taking away from their beauty. Really though, that was the FIRST TIME YOU'VE USED IT?!? Shame on you, Marnie. Shame on you.
Good thing the card is absolutely amazing. I will be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it and forgive you for your neglect of your best stamps. Ha!
Thanks for an incredible challenge this month!