Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Hazzard County Challenge

This week the card I am posting is the result of a card challenge I recently issued to my friend Angela. We are starting our own monthly card challenge. We have been dubbed the 'Duke Design Divas' and we have founded the Hazzard County Card Challenge.

January's challenge was to use the January 10th card design in the Paper Crafts "Card-A-Day" book entitled 'Bambino', designed by Melissa Phillips. We also had to use one stamp from Unity Stamp Company's December KOM and at least one button.

This challenge was interesting for me. I am a very impatient person, so when I make cards I tend to skip embellishments. I just want to finish the card so that I can give it away to someone. But due to the challenge I was forced to at least add a button, and I managed to even add some hemp-string and some stitching! This is my completed card:

This is probably one of the most "complete" cards I have ever made.

I recently started adding hand-stitching to my cards, which you can see in the top left and bottom right corners.

I popped up the flower and placed my button in the centre with a linen thread bow.

My tag in the bottom right hand corner is actually the result of a stamping accident. I had wanted to stamp the words directly onto the patterned paper, but I didn't place it properly. So, I decided to cover it up with a piece of cardstock instead! I distressed the edges, and added some more linen thread to tie it in with the rest of the card.

I was trying to be extra creative with the card challenge, so I did some stamping on the inside of the card, as seen here:
I hope you like this card. If it wasn't for the card challenge this month, I'm not sure if I would have found the time to get any stamping done this month!


The Koobs Klan said...

So, I'm pretty sure I freaked out on the phone, but just in case it didn't come across clearly - I am absolutely in love with this card!
This challenge is going to be so awesome.
Also, I was wondering...since this is a birthday card...and since I viewed it on my I get to claim it? :)

Margaret de Witt said...

Beautiful card Marnie. I love it.

The challenge for this month though - wow - gonna be tough.